About Us

Established in August 2019, Bossco Games Development Studio was founded by a dynamic father and son duo, forming a highly skilled two-man team of artists, developers, and experienced project managers.

In 2019, we embarked on a journey to establish a company. Our investment came from the sale of our real estate holdings. Over the course of four years, a dedicated team of seven individuals diligently worked to develop our first game "Outlive".

BosscoGames core values

Our Office

Our office is located in Vrsac, a city that gracefully blends historical charm with modern architecture.

Vrsac, Serbia

Vrsac sights

Vrsac boasts beautiful sights, including a medieval fortress dating back to the 15th century perched atop a hill, an 18th-century City Hall, an imposing 19th-century Cathedral, and the exquisite Court of the Diocese of Banat, which has served as the episcopal residence for Banat bishops since the 18th century. Vrsac is also the hometown of the father of Serbian drama, Jovan Sterija Popovic, and the renowned realist painter Paja Jovanovic.

Vrsac Tower
Vrsac Church
Vrsac Court of the Diocese of Banat

Vrsac vineyards

The Vrsac vineyards belong to one of the oldest wine-growing regions in Europe. The most famous Helvecija wine cellar, named after a Swiss settler, dates back to the 19th century and has been renovated to include a modern hotel and restaurant. Many wineries in the region offer an atmosphere where, in addition to enjoying excellent wine, you can savor various specialties of the local cuisine accompanied by the traditional sounds of tambourine players. The Grape Harvest Days, held in September, are the largest, oldest, and most visited event.

Vrsac Helvecija wine cellar
Vrsac Grape Harvest Days
Vrsac wine and food

Vrsac modern town

Vrsac features a modern shopping center, a 4-star VillaBreg hotel with spa and wellness facilities, various hotels, a beautiful park, a serene lake, a modern Millennium Sports Hall that has hosted numerous European Championships, a gym, and a fitness center. Additionally, Vrsac is home to an airport and an Aviation Academy. The town is known for its dominant pharmaceutical, confectionery, and winery industries. Vrsac is rapidly developing its industrial sector, with both not-too-old and newly constructed industrial zones.

Vrsac Villa Breg 4*
Vrsac Millennium Centar
Vrsac Airport

Quality Policy

The quality policy is an intrinsic component of our corporate culture and policies. It serves as the foundation for delineating the quality objectives of our services, underpinned by the implementation of a business process management system. The overarching aim of this system is to attain BUSINESS EXCELLENCE.

Quality Policy - Principles

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